adopt“I’m so thrilled to work in a place where life is valued and connections like these are made.”  Client and Volunteer Coordinator Teale Fackler helps many people daily at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center… but, recently, she’s had the unique opportunity to be a part of two adoptions!

Hope Unlimited Family Care Center partners with All Blessings International, an adoption agency that specializes in caring for both adoptive and birth families.  Teale met both of our birth families when they came to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center looking for options.  Each family knew parenting their unborn child wasn’t an option for them due to health and financial issues.  Teale connected these parents with All Blessings, and – in turn – All Blessings connected their baby to an eager, adoptive family. It’s wonderful to play an active part in valuing parents, children and new families’ lives.

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