YOU CAN KEEP NEW BABIES SAFE BY GIVING THEM A SEAT!  Since March of this year, Hope Unlimited Family Care Center has given new five-point harness car seats to expecting moms each month.  Whenever a pregnant client comes in for a mentoring or prenatal appointment, she can enter her name in a drawing.

The car seats, which protect newborns to children weighing 35 pounds, average about $90.  It’s illegal to transport a child without one.  In years past, parent who could not afford a car seat could rely on fire departments to hospitals to fill the gap.  Those programs no longer exist.

Hope Unlimited Family Care Center saw the need and asked other businesses, groups and individuals to help out.  Thanks to our caring community, we will be able to protect more than 18 children before the year is out.  However, after December, we will not be able to continue the program without more funds.

If you’d like to know how you can help, call 270.442.1166 or 618.524.5730.