Dear Friend,

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you for being such a giftright_pic to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.

As we end this year and begin 2017, I’d like to take this moment to share with you some exciting plans we have at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center. The best part is you are a very important part of those plans. Love Amazing! True, steady and unchanging love we share with every mom and dad who comes into Hope Unlimited.

It is our goal to support 168 new families in 2017.


People often ask me what Hope Unlimited Family Care Center needs.  There are many tangible things we often lack: updated curriculum, diapers and clothes, to name a few. But, we know your support and investment is what’s most critical to our team reaching more families. Every one of you is a part of Hope Unlimited Family Care Center’s circle of influence.

Let me share one special example of this influence… Seven years ago, Katelinn, though married, unexpectedly discovered she was pregnant. Due to a medical condition, both she and the baby were at risk. The health department wasn’t able to give her a pregnancy test for more than a month, so Katelinn came to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center. Katelinn’s first visit with our sonographer convinced her she had found a safe place. She became a patient in our prenatal clinic and quickly found more than just medical support; she found peace. Little Zeke was born just 8 months later.

Flash forward six years – Katelinn is a single mom and full-time student looking for a place to volunteer. When she saw Hope Unlimited Family Care Center was one of her options, she seized the opportunity.  It was her chance to give back into the organization that met her right where her need was all those years ago.

Katelinn is now on staff blessing parents and our team with her amazing talents. now

Katelinn’s life has come full circle, once a mom in need of support and unconditional love to the one sharing that with others. Love amazing! Will you partner with us to impact 168 more families, just like Katelinn and Zeke’s? Together for life—the developing baby, newborns, children, moms and dads – every person God has created.

Hallelujah—Praise be to God—for HIS Love is Amazing!

Nicole Farley
Executive Director

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Your gift impacts one family today, but influences generations to come!