Breaking news!  The Community Foundation of Western Kentucky’s Fred Paxton Charity Challenge is doubling proceeds from our annual baby bottle campaign this year up to $10,000!  Nearly 3,000 Illinois and Kentucky families took empty baby bottles to fill with change, cash or checks during our fundraiser between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Since Hope Unlimited Family Care Center doesn’t receive federal funds, what you give each year impacts how many moms and dads we can serve.  This year, we’ve challenged you to raise $30 per bottle.  The Charity Challenge match is open until August 31, so you still have time to see your dollars double.

Do you still have a baby bottle? That’s ok.  Whether it’s empty or full, we ask you drop it off at your church or by one of our centers. You will help us be good stewards by returning all bottles. Thank you for giving a little to help a lot!