Our Parents

Real Change is Possible!


her counsel and love for God are the most valuable things I receive from my time at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.  Even if I’m tired, under-dressed or don’t smell the best, she still gives me “mom hugs” and love.”

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“My kids use roughly 240 diapers a month. Through the Learn to Earn Program at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center, [the staff] helps me with 192 diapers a month (with money I earn [through participating in the program]). That only leaves me with 48 diapers to buy a month!  Y’all, this program is AMAZING! …That is literally a $50 versus $8 difference.” – Paducah Mom


I’m learning a lot. Thank you for being passionate about this stuff.” – Jobs for Life Student

Juan Vargas

It was a very good day when we met Juan Vargas. Juan heard about Hope Unlimited Family Care Center after moving to the Metropolis, IL from Puerto Rico. He was searching for better job opportunities.
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“Being at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center is like being at home…With the help of Hope’s staff, I keep my hopes up… keeping the faith. If I wasn’t here, I’d doubt myself.”

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Zacc Scott

“My family and friends have been helped out by Hope Unlimited Family Care Center – single moms, people who are struggling. I’ve heard nothing but great things about y’all. I found out you are helping men, also, and I thought that was amazing.read more

Beth & Adam

The journey with Hope has been a positive, faith-affirming experience for me. The connection I have felt with my mentor and the staff has also helped calm my feelings of homesickness for Virginia, where my family lives.

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“I haven’t been here in a while because I thought I might have to stop coming. It was getting really hard to bring my three boys to the meetings with me. But after not being here a while, I realized that I am a better and nicer mom when I come.  I can’t put a price on the parenting lessons, and the Bible studies really help me stay on track.” – Stefanie, Paducah mom


A. Perez

Paducah Client

“I am a Learn to Earn (LTE) participant. I am so grateful for this program because I learn about the word of God, how to handle being a single mom through counseling, classes and homework assignments. I am able to shop for diapers, clothing for my daughter and myself and personal items with the points I earn. I feel blessed to receive this help!”

Karon Hooks

 Metropolis Client

“Hope Unlimited in Metropolis has helped me and my family so much.  I enjoy the Bible studies. All the counselors I have seen are like family to us. We love them all. The counselors are amazing people. Without Hope, I don’t know what we would have done.”



Metropolis Client & DHS Work Experience Program

“Hope Unlimited has helped me in so many ways; not only helping me open my eyes, but helping me understand the way God wants me to live my life. When I had no one, they were there.”

Victoria & Rich

Learn to Earn & Jobs for Life Clients

“Being at Hope Unlimited has helped a lot because we are on a strict budget… It’s a privilege to know there’s a place to help our family.  [My husband] is excited to come here … He feels needed in his family, beyond just earning a paycheck.”