Juan Vargas

Juan VargasIt was a very good day when we met Juan Vargas.  Juan heard about Hope Unlimited Family Care Center after moving to the Metropolis, IL from Puerto Rico. He was searching for better job opportunities.

Juan was one of our first students to graduate from our ten-week Jobs for Life, integrity-through-work program in 2013.

Juan had years of experience in home improvement and really wanted to work at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Paducah, but he didn’t have a car. Hope Unlimited Family Care Center’s Men’s Ministry Director worked with Juan, referring him to a program called Cars for Jobs. While Juan was working to get transportation, our Men’s Director drove him to job interviews. He also provided references.

Not only did Juan get his own car, he also earned a full-time job at Lowe’s Home Improvement in 2014! He is still employed there, but has decided to drop down to part-time hours. He now has a second full-time job at the Salvation Army in Paducah.

Meanwhile, Juan began to volunteer at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center in Metropolis. There were several “fix-it” jobs to be done, and we were so appreciative of his expertise!

He also decided to enroll in Hope Unlimited Family Care Center’s Authentic Manhood program, which sets men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. It was during these classes Juan began to pay child support again and started to re-establish his relationship with his children in Puerto Rico. Juan also was able to move into his own home!

Family Services Director Derek Waddell says, “Juan is stepping up to the plate in all ways that he can as a father, short of moving back to Puerto Rico.”

We’re just glad to call Juan our friend.

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