Nyshenia“Being at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center is like being at home.”

This is very important to 20-year-old Nyshenia Hollowell. She’s about five weeks away from meeting her first baby, but has nowhere to live and no income.

“With the help of Hope’s staff, I keep my hopes up… keeping the faith.  If I wasn’t here, I’d doubt myself.”

Nyshenia came to Hope Unlimited for a “proof of pregnancy” test for her obstetrician. She stayed because she needed support. At the time, she was living in a one bedroom apartment with five other family members… and they weren’t very happy she was pregnant.

“Hope’s Learn to Earn program is a major help in my life. I’m a single parent, but not by choice.”

The Learn to Earn (LTE) program is an individualized, goal-oriented mentoring system. LTE equips, educates and empowers parents to not just survive, but thrive. In Nyshenia’s case, a mentor immediately stepped in to refer her to housing programs in the community and provided much needed guidance and support so she could deal with the many challenges she faces with family.

Nyshenia’s also enrolled in Hope’s Jobs for Life, integrity-through-work, course.

“A lot of things have change for me already!  [The program] helped me see a roadblock to my success. I’m back at school to get my GED. I’ve learned to use the bus system, and I have a job interview this week.”

“I’ve participated in other assistance programs.  I appreciate the opportunities there, but I was no one special. Just a number. Here at Hope, I receive love and support. It’s a wonderful blessing. Friendliest place.”


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