Zacc Scott

Zacc Scott

One Dad’s Story

“My family and friends have been helped out by Hope Unlimited Family Care Center – single moms, people who are struggling. I’ve heard nothing but great things about y’all. I found out you are helping men, also, and I thought that was amazing.”

Zacc Scott is a young, divorced father who has limited time with his daughter, due to his work and transportation situation.

“All the time I want to spend with my daughter, I don’t get to. It upsets me when other fathers have the opportunity with no sense of what God has blessed them with… this gift of having children. They just throw it to the side; it really upsets me.”

Zacc is active in Hope Unlimited Family Care Center’s Authentic Manhood classes. “It’s opening my eyes to, historically, how men have been brought out of homes and children lives. Men have not been there for their children or wives – and that’s caused widespread divorce in each generation and weakened the family. … I’ve become so hungry for the Word. [Hope Unlimited’s Men’s Ministry is] providing me with food. Little things will be provided; I have to work the work and walk the walk.”

Authentic Manhood is just one program of many Hope Unlimited Family Care Center offers to encourage and support any father of a child under 18 years of age. More dads and volunteers are needed! Learn more:


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