Medical Clinic
Pregnancy Tests
  • Walk-in tests
  • Fast results
  • Lay counseling
  • Educational services
Prenatal Care Clinic (Paducah Center Only)
  • Temporary medical card application
  • Nine (9) months of prenatal care with doctor, registered nurse and sonographer for on-site ultrasounds
  • Personal, support relationship with medical team
Individual and group support and guidance for any difficulties affecting parents, including:
  • Financial concerns
  • Family planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Parenting skills/struggles
Learn to Earn
The Learn to Earn (LTE) Program takes expectant and current parents, as well as guardians, on a journey with destination in mind. Each client works with trained staff or volunteers to create goals specific to that person’s growth. Along this journey, staff and volunteers educate, equip and empower clients to reach mile markers like enrolling in college, bettering his or her employment, and/or developing healthy parenting skills. Each mile marker towards the destination betters the entire family by bettering the parent. Throughout the journey, LTE clients earn Hope Bucks to spend on baby essentials, clothes for the entire family or supplies for the home. The integrity parents build by providing for their children is an invaluable part of their growth.
Men's Ministry

Whether in the home with the kids or not, we offer man to man services including free lay counseling.  Men are encouraged to participate in LTE and come to all medical appointments.

Young Adult Development
Hope Unlimited Family Care Center’s Young Adult Educators connect to our community’s youth with a variety of educational tools.  A key curriculum is Positive Potential. Positive Potential is a curriculum developed by A Positive Approach to Teen Health. This curriculum encompasses a variety of age-appropriate subjects, such as bullying, self-confidence, and risky behavior that are tailored to the students’ needs as they grow and mature.


In addition, Hope’s Young Adult Educators discuss the emotional consequences of sex before marriage.  Our staff stresses the importance of building and maintaining healthy, strong relationships among all peers.  Hope Unlimited provides these educational resources to schools, churches, and community groups in our region without cost.

Community Thrift Store
Hope’s Closet is open to clients, as well as the community!  Clothes for the family, housewares, and toys are on sale for very low prices.  All proceeds directly fund Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.
There is a Hope’s Closet located inside the centers in Paducah and Metropolis.  You may donate items or shop for them during regular store hours.
Abortion Education & Recovery

SaveOne  is a 12-week Support Group/Bible Study designed to help men and women overcome the adverse effects of abortion.  We provide a safe and comforting atmosphere for people who are post-abortive or have been impacted by an abortion.  Our approach is holistic, allowing clients to express their feelings and find freedom, forgiveness, and complete restoration.