Director’s Desk

Director’s Desk

As we continue to partner with you to show moms and dads they are Not Alone in their circumstances, we are discovering new ways to support families.

Together, we have gifted four, new car seats to expectant moms with the hlp of committed churches and service organizations.  Our prenatal care clinic is growing, too!  Other non-profit agencies have connected several expecting families new to our area to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.  We just celebrated our second annual neighborhood Block Party at the Paducah location.  We have another one scheduled at our Metropolis center this month!  These opportunities to reach out to the community are only possible through the combined efforts of business, church and individual partners.

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you:  Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering. – Romans 12:1 (MSG)

It’s in our everyday, ordinary life, as we encounter others with God’s love and kindness that the culture begins to shift.  When parents feel empowered and have the knowledge and resources they need to better care for their family, God begins to transform.

I invite you to hear more about a new part you can play in showing parents they are Not Alone to be announced at our annual Gala Tuesday, September 18.

Positive Progress

YOUR INVESTMENT IN OUR PARENTING PROGRAM IS PAYING OFF!  Several of the moms we mentor are transition from learning from us to serving with us.

Learn to Earn is our long-standing, free and confidential parenting program.  It’s individualized to help moms and dads with their family challenges like child-rearing, under-employment or co-parenting.  Learn to Earn also includes optional Bible Studies to help parents explore how their relationship with God might influence those in their home.

A few parents have successfully completed their program plan and are now transitioning into a volunteer role at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.  Other parents have told us they are grateful for the guidance and support, but their situations have changed for the better.  They’d rather give their appointment to another family in need.

You Can SaveOne

You Can SaveOne

One in four women will have an abortion in her lifetime.*  There is a father connected to each abortion, too.  This means it’s probably you know someone who has had this experience, but he or she may never talk about it.

You can save one person from living in shame and pain.

Hope Unlimited Family Care Center offers a free and confidential study for men, women and family members who have experienced abortion at any age.  The program, SaveOne, can be completed one-on-one, with a couple or in a group setting.  Hope Unlimited Family Care Center has lead 11 parents through the 10 week session.  Several graduates have shared the program with other people they know and are training to lead groups in the future!

How can you help?  Let your friends know this program is available.  If someone confides in you, offer to bring him or her to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center to learn more about SaveOne.

* Jerman, Jenna and Rachel Jones.  “Population Group Abortion Rates and Lifetime Incidence of Abortion:  United States, 2008-2014.”  American Journal of Public Health (November 2017)

Give Hope

Give Hope

“I wanted to volunteer somewhere after I retired, but I didn’t expect this mentoring program to fill my soul like it does.”  Hope Unlimited Family Care Center Volunteer Nelda Burnett has been serving the Metropolis location for nearly four years.

“I get encouragement by seeing people respond to God in various ways.  [Our parents] respond from where they are… and God and the staff and volunteers meet them wherever they are.”  Miss Nelda mentors moms who come to Hope Unlimited looking for new ways to lead their families.  She loves connecting to new people, but also enjoys being with the staff.  She says, “I’m blessed by being there!”

Would you like to mentor moms or dads?  Hope Unlimited Family Care Center offers free training for men and women.  Call 270.442.1166 or 618.524.5730 to learn more!

Parent Stories

Parent Stories

“In the last two years I have been coming to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center, I have spent less than $45 on diapers for both of my children. I am relieved and less stressed! With everything we have been through in the last year, Hope has been a Godsend.”

– Amber Hunt, Paducah mom

“Hope Unlimited [Family Care Center] is opportunity, in the purest sense of the word.   Jobs for Life is an opportunity to hone my skills at job searches and network out… get a leg up.  [I’m] acquiring the skills I’m going to need for future endeavors in the workforce.  It’s a great place.  You can get the help you need there.”
​- Will BurgessJobs for Life Student​