You Can SaveOne

You Can SaveOne

One in four women will have an abortion in her lifetime.*  There is a father connected to each abortion, too.  This means it’s probably you know someone who has had this experience, but he or she may never talk about it.

You can save one person from living in shame and pain.

Hope Unlimited Family Care Center offers a free and confidential study for men, women and family members who have experienced abortion at any age.  The program, SaveOne, can be completed one-on-one, with a couple or in a group setting.  Hope Unlimited Family Care Center has lead 11 parents through the 10 week session.  Several graduates have shared the program with other people they know and are training to lead groups in the future!

How can you help?  Let your friends know this program is available.  If someone confides in you, offer to bring him or her to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center to learn more about SaveOne.

* Jerman, Jenna and Rachel Jones.  “Population Group Abortion Rates and Lifetime Incidence of Abortion:  United States, 2008-2014.”  American Journal of Public Health (November 2017)