Positive Progress

YOUR INVESTMENT IN OUR PARENTING PROGRAM IS PAYING OFF!  Several of the moms we mentor are transition from learning from us to serving with us.

Learn to Earn is our long-standing, free and confidential parenting program.  It’s individualized to help moms and dads with their family challenges like child-rearing, under-employment or co-parenting.  Learn to Earn also includes optional Bible Studies to help parents explore how their relationship with God might influence those in their home.

A few parents have successfully completed their program plan and are now transitioning into a volunteer role at Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.  Other parents have told us they are grateful for the guidance and support, but their situations have changed for the better.  They’d rather give their appointment to another family in need.

Director’s Desk

Love Amazing! All year the team of wonderful staff and volunteers have been intentional about what is commanded in John 13:34-35. There are a couple of key directives regarding love in these verses.  God wants us to love others wholly, completely and unconditionally, just like He loves you and me.  Why?  The scripture goes on to say if we do, His Love in us will actually point others to Him. Isn’t that why we exist? Whether they need parenting help, encouragement, healing or to become more confident in a life skill, we are here to walk along side of them. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

This year’s Gala is just around the corner; Tuesday, September 19.  It is going to be one you don’t want to miss. We will be sharing what God has been doing and how His Love Amazing has been at work. We want you to have the opportunity to talk to the staff and volunteers who work with our moms and dads.  You can ask questions and hear how His Love is changing and saving lives. How are we able to do this each and every day? Because our focus is Christ; His Amazing Love and how He “Lavishes his Love on us….” 1 John 3:1

We can’t do this alone.  It’s because of your partnership we are able to touch the lives of so many families. I hope you have made plans to attend this year and bring someone who you would like to introduce to Hope Unlimited Family Care Center.  If you don’t already have your tickets, it’s not too late.  Stop by or call!  We will reserve your seat.

Thank you for your partnership, prayer support and time.  Thank you for being a part of something big God is doing, where the results are truly Amazing!

How Hope Helps

How Hope Helps

logo_hopehelpsHope Unlimited Family Care  Center is committed to strengthening families and empowering parents, so our staff and volunteers are already working  to prevent porn use and promote healing for those who are addicted to it. Currently, Hope Unlimited Family Care Center is the only non-profit agency in McCracken and Massac Counties addressing this need.


Our Young Adult Development Team’s middle and high school student program, Positive Potential, talks frankly to kids about how pornography alters their brain and its pathways affecting  relationships, increases the likelihood of depression, anxiety and dating violence, as well as negatively impact their future success. This program is free for schools, churches and groups. Call today to learn more or book a program: 270.442.1166. You can also read all about it at www.positiveteenhealth.org.


In an effort to reach more students and educate the community, Hope Unlimited Family Care Center is bringing Fight the New Drug, a live and interactive anti-porn awareness event, to middle and high schools, as well as college campuses in April. Check out www.fightthenewdrug.org/livepresentations

logo_fortifyHope Unlimited Family Care Center is in the process of integrating Fortify, a comprehensive and tested porn addiction recovery program for men, women and teenagers, into our current level of care for parents. This program will feature one-on-one mentoring, 24-hour text support, as well as online and book-based resources. For more, check out www.fortifyprogram.org.