We offer court approved parenting classes for those with an open case plan.  All court-ordered classes are provided at no cost to the client. We use a mixture of Value-Packed Parenting and BrightCourse to form a 10-week program plan. A video, discussion, and weekly trait to embrace including: responsibility, integrity, respectfulness; are all a part of what makes these sessions truly impactful and life-changing . The judge or social worker usually recommends these classes. We also offer personalized plans as recommended by the social worker.

Value-Packed Parenting from well-known Christian psychologist Dr. Leman is a small group study for parents on raising kids in a pleasure-driven world. of the seven sessions is taught by Dr. Leman

BrightCourse is a subscription-based video-streaming service for providers who want to help their clients learn about topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, and more.

When the world says, Give Up
Hope whispers, One More Time.